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The Best Drumsticks for Beginner Drummers!

Drum Sticks for Beginners

Learning how to play the drums is an extremely fun and gratifying experience! Their can be a lot of information to take in when you first get started and it may seem overwhelming. One important thing to start with is choosing the proper drumsticks to use as a beginner drummer.

When choosing a pair of sticks you want to start with a nice medium size stick that can be used for all styles of music. One of the most common pair of sticks widely used across the globe are Vic Firth 5A, Hickory drumsticks. Vic Firth is a famous company in the drum world which makes a number sticks, practice pads and much more. The 5A is the size of the stick. 5B would be the next size up and is usually used by drummers that hit hard and play rock, metal and heavier music. 7A is a size down from 5A and is usually used by drummers who play lighter music such as jazz, latin, folk etc.

For drummers in Toronto I would recommend Long and Mcquade (Downtown) or Soul Drums (North York). These stores will have quality staff that can really help you out when choosing the right drum sticks.

In my Drum Lessons I always speak with my students about choosing the right sticks. If you're interested in learning more about what sticks are best for you feel free to Get in touch with me.


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